Sunday, 23 January 2011

Thrida ثريدة

6 pieces chicken
3 finely chopped onions
½ tin cooked chickpeas
6 pieces of turnip
3 boiled eggs to decorate
4 cups dried Trida pasta
4 tbsp olive oil
Black pepper
Rass el hanout

Cooking triad pasta

1.      Add 1 olive oil to the triad pasta and mix thoroughly. Steam for 15 to 20 minutes
2.      Empty the steamed pasta in a big mixing bowl. Slowly add 2 cups of water and mix using a spoon until pasta absorbs the water. At this stage pasta started to soften but not completely cooked.
3.      Steam pasta for the second time until cooked (mix from time to time to make steam reach all the pasta)
4.      When cooked, add another drizzle of olive oil to the pasta and mix.

Preparing the sauce

1.      Heat 2 tbsp of olive oil in your cooking pot, add pieces of chicken, onions, salt and other spices and cook on low heat until onions soft and cooked.
2.      Add 1 ½ litre of hot water and cook until chicken nearly cooked (20 minutes).
3.      Add cooked chickpeas and the parsnip chunks and cook again until parsnip is cooked but still holding itself.

Assembling the two

1.      lift the chicken, the parsnip and most of the chickpeas from the sauce and keep them warm
2.      Over very low heat, add the cooked pasta to the sauce (the sauce should be no more than 1 cm higher than the pasta). Stir carefully and cook for another few minutes than switch off the heat, cover and let the pasta absorb the sauce.
3.      serve the pasta in a big dish and top up with the chicken, parsnip and chick peas and decorate with boiled eggs as in the picture.

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