Thursday, 21 April 2011

matlou or leavened Algerian bread

This bread is heavily consumed during the month of Ramadan in Algeria as it teams up beautifully with the famous soup Chorba Frik. It required more work than other bread, required longer kneaning and a proper warmer place to prove (to raise). In cold Scotland, I never make it whitout something cooking on the stove at the same time. Tha't the only way to have enough heat and steam for it to rise properly.

I made it once for my bosnian friend when she visited with her older sister, They loved it so much, and they though the texture and taste is similar to the italian bread Ciabatta in a better homely version.
They did something very funny, they helped themselves with a butter tub and my black pepper grinder and they munched on pieces of bread on which they spread butter and added some fresly ground pepper. They said this is a tradition in their family (or may be Bosnia) when girls want to discuss or share their worries. I tried this combination and it was delicious.


  1. Asalamu aaykum,
    I'd love to try to make this bread but...I couldn't find on this website any receipe for it. Could you sister post it please?
    And, do I need any special equipment to bake it or is it enough to put it on the normal baking tray?
    ~ Marta

  2. I would love to get the recipe pls

  3. Have you shared this recipe please??

  4. الأخت :شهرةزاد اريد اللقاء بكي اذ. امكن..??